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Friday afternoon drinks // III

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Glass of sparkly? Don’t mind if I do.

Again it’s a bit wonky, but the bottle is empty so maybe it’s to be expected…

This time it’s black biro on A4 paper;


Friday afternoon drinks – II

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I’ll have mine with tonic, ice and cucumber please.


Friday afternoon drinks – I

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Think that it’s about time I quit procrastinating and start painting. It’s been a little while (how old is Maddy now?!) so maybe starting small is the way to go.

Image from Paperfinger

Learn something new – Calligraphy?

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I’ve seen so many beautiful calligraphic logos recently and the work Bryn Chernoff at Paperfinger is just amazing. Learning to hand-draw letterforms seems to me a great way of learning


Bell Jar

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Beautiful displays under the a bell jar or cloche.


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